I have never before been in a position to accept help in my life, until now, so this was a humbling experience for me. Everyone concerned had the type of attitude that allowed me to keep my pride intact.
This was the most incredible, efficient, timely meticulous work. In a time where everything is falling apart and so few can be counted on, this was our blessing for years to come.
I was extremely happy with the work that was performed on my home. I have saved a lot of money and my home is much more efficient.
Home is much warmer, using much less wood to heat.
Everyone was courteous, helpful and worked hard. We didn’t know that our home needed so much work to keep us warm. The house keeps warm and saves us money. Thanks for the great job.
Hardworking, flexible, everything you would expect from a professional organization.
They were efficient and worked well. The day I took my Mom to the Senior Center they even helped me get Mom to the pickup.
I am much warmer now and also know I now have a safe home. I am so grateful for this program.
My home is now much warmer. Next year I am sure the fuel bill will decrease immensely. I would have these men in my home anytime and even missed them when they left. Very professional, knowledgeable and explained what they were doing every day.
We noticed a drop in our electric bill the first month after the work was done. The next month after that, it dropped even more! Very exciting!
Not only did you fix our home, you also fixed our spirits and helped us be proud of our home again. We can not come close to expressing our gratitude for what you all have done. The workers were true professionals, kind and very pleasant to have around. We wish you all the best in life and from the bottom of our hearts, Thanks again.
Bundles of Insulation waiting to be installed.

Bundles of Insulation waiting to be installed.

My grand daughters will not be freezing in their bedroom. I feel much safer with smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguisher.
The crew were all hard workers and went above and beyond what was expected. When they left on the last day we felt like family was leaving.
Thank you so very much for making my humble home warmer and a safer place to live.
In recent years I have been disappointed with many things in my life. I want to say this nice experience gives me hope.