I rent my home. Can I still apply to have it weatherized? 

Answer: Yes, renters can apply to have their home weatherized as well as homeowners. We do have to contact the property owner and obtain consent to enter their property and to explain their rights and responsibilities through the weatherization process.

Do I have to count all the people that live in my home?

Answer: We count all household members when determining program eligibility unless they pay rent or room and board to you.


How long will I have to wait once I have submitted an application?

Answer: Time on wait list is based on a number of variables including # of people in the home, income of the household, fuel usage for the home and age of household residents.

Does weatherization put in new windows and doors?

Answer: Not usually. Window and door replacements are only as a very last resort and are usually replaced under another program which has very low income guidelines. If the energy auditor feels that your home is eligible, he will refer you to this program.

Does NETO have a furnace cleaning program?

Answer: No,  the only way that NETO can assist you in having your furnace cleaned is in conjunction with the weatherization process.


It has been 10 years since my home was weatherized, can I have it done again?


Answer: There is not a set number of years to be eligible to have a home re-weatherized. The current cut off date is September 30, 2002. If your home was weatherized after that date, you are not eligible at this time. 


I own my home and do not receive Seasonal Fuel Assistance but my girlfriend/boyfriend  who lives with me does. Do I have to verify my income to qualify for your program?


Answer: Yes, even though your girlfriend/boyfriend receives Seasonal Fuel Assistance, as the homeowner, you are required to report all household income on your application for Weatherization services.


I rent a room to someone, they receive Seasonal Fuel Assistance benefits as a Roomer/Boarder. Does that make my home automatically eligible to be Weatherized?


Answer: No, a person who rents a room in your home and receives the standard Roomer SFA Benefit does NOT make your home automatically Weatherization eligible. All household income including room and board/rent paid to you will be included in the household income to determine program eligibility and the boarder/room renter is NOT counted as a member of your household.